13 Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Unforgettable

13 Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Unforgettable

1. Write each other a love letter and put it in a box with a bottle of wine at the altar. On your anniversary, drink the wine and read the letter, but only after you refilled the box with another bottle of wine and another letter to your spouse. Do this every year and your children will have a written history describing your love for each other.

2. Before the ceremony begins, have the officiate ask everyone to put their cellphones away or else your ceremony photos will have people with cellphones in the background.

3. Pause before you/the bride walks down the aisle. Take a minute to look around the room and soak it in. After the ceremony, before you walk back up the aisle, take another moment to pause and soak.

4. Every girl knows that part in 27 Dresses where Kevin and Jane describe their favorite part of a wedding…“My favorite part of a wedding is when the bride is walking down the aisle. I like to look back at the groom and to see the love he has on his face for her.” Make sure someone photographs the groom as the bride is walking down the aisle.

5. One of the regrets I read over and over again is that people wish they hired a videographer. Not every memorable moment can be captured in a photo. 

6. Pass out disposable cameras to guests at the reception. You’ll develop some entertaining photos!

7. Wear invisible handcuffs at the reception. Everyone will want to take photos and talk to you. Don’t split up. This is a moment for you to enjoy together.

8. Have guests write their favorite song on the RSVP card. Give the list to the DJ. This will help you have a fun dance party!

9. Rather than having a traditional guest book that gets thrown into a closet, choose a coffee table book and have guests write on the photos or margins.

10. Have a child care center during the reception to keep the kiddos entertained, and so the adults can have a good time.

11. Have a chocolate fountain. I am all about incorporating things that spark interaction. This will keep guests mingling.

12. Rather than having a photo booth, opt for a video booth. Guests can record heartfelt messages and crazy confessions to you.

13. Pick up a newspaper on your wedding day and save it to remember the headline events that took place on your big day. 

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