A Hopeless Romantic’s Love Story

What is it like dating a hopeless romantic?

She’s going to hand write you love letters.

She’s going to grocery shop with your mom to have food prepared for your arrival.

She’s going to take your mom to her doctor’s appointments because she does not want your mom to have to sit in the waiting room for two hours until the side effects subsides.

She’s going to take your sister to the ER and wait with her for 6 hours so she wouldn’t have to face her fears alone. 

She’s going to take a taxi from the airport to visit you because she does not want you to have to sit in traffic.

She’s going to attend your niece’s dance recitals and your nephew’s football games.

She’s going to travel 1500 miles with all her supplies to throw your puppy a birthday party. 

She’s going to mail you a care package with medicine and ointments when you are sick.

She’s going to handle her own problems because she knows you are too busy with your own. 

She’s going to stay up late at night perfecting a surprise birthday cake, which she will deliver to your workplace complete with matches, candles, and utensils so you would have the perfect experience.

She’s going to spend countless hours hanging lights and ornaments for the holidays, so your mom can have a beautifully decorated home to entertain guests.

She’s going to drive across town to pick up your favorite meal to surprise you with when she picks you up at the airport.

She’s going to be your second brain when you need someone to ghost write work emails and documents.

She’s going to fly to you even though it is her birthday.

She’s going to buy you all your gear for your first ski trip together. 

She’s going to pick up the pies your mom ordered so you can stay in bed a few extra hours.

She’s going to tirelessly help you find a new place to live when your lease is up.

She’s going to surprise your brother on his birthday with a homemade blanket commemorating his favorite football team. 

She’s going to stay up late at night for four hours, even though she has an early morning, to calm your anxiety.

She’s going to hold dinner conversations with extended family members to make sure you have a positive image.

She’s going to learn how to change your mom’s car’s headlights so she can safely drive at night. 

And she does all of this without expecting anything in return. She does it because this is what she was taught she had to do, in order to be loved. She does it because she wants a love story.

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