2019 Bucket List for Couples

As you are creating your 2019 New Year’s resolutions and goals, do not forget to add “Spend more time with my partner” to it! Here’s a list of 12 ideas to add to your list to reach that goal! Plan on doing one thing on the list each month. Take a road trip together.

1. Take a road trip together.

Spend a weekend taking a road trip together. Pack some snacks and put together a sing-a-long playlist!

2. Take a class together.

Learn something new. Take a cooking class, painting class, workout class, or maybe take some tennis lessons.

3. Cook dinner together.

You should each choose a dish and cook it together. Don’t forget to pour some wine and put on good music 

4. Bake cookies together.

My favorite cook/baker is Ina Garten. You can never go wrong with any of her recipes!

5. Recreate your first date.

Try to recreate it as accurately as possible, down to what you were both wearing!

6. Get dressed up for a date.

Life gets a little busy sometimes. Take an evening to get glammed up and go out for a fancy dinner.

7. Volunteer together.

Give back to the community! Visit a soup kitchen during the holidays or help a local non-profit with a service project.

8. Visit a tourist trap together.

If you live in New York City, there is a good chance you have probably never seen the Statue of Liberty up close nor have you been to the 102nd floor observatory deck of the Empire State Building. Here is your chance to visit the attraction you kind of took for granted simply because you think you will forever have a chance to see it!

9. Have a movie marathon.

What is your favorite film series? Mine is Harry Potter. Order some Chinese takeout and spend the night binge watching!

10. Go to a carnival.

Bring out your inner child and have some competitive fun at a carnival or fair. Don’t forget the Ferris Wheel!

11. Go on an ice cream date.

Go on an evening date to your local ice cream parlor or your favorite frozen yogurt place. 

12. Go on a double date.

Sometimes it is nice to hang out with other people. Ask another couple to join you on a brunch date!

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