20 Reminders For Those Losing Hope

20 Reminders For Those Losing Hope

1. You are going to be heartbroken a lot. Get accustomed to it, and do not lose hope.

2. You will find someone who will bend over backwards for you. When someone loves you, they do things for you they wouldn’t otherwise do.

3. Mind over matter. You can control and shut down your feelings for someone.

4. You are not meant to fall in love with everyone you meet.

5. Focus on you. Focus on your dreams. Continue focusing on improving yourself.

6. Sometimes it really isn’t you. It’s them.

7. You lose self-worth when you try to find it through the eyes of others.

8. Let no one dictate your value.

9. Date. Date. Date. Don’t spend your energy all on one person. Until someone decides to fully commit to you, do not be ashamed to date and meet new people.

10. He/She isn’t the ONLY guy/girl in this world.

11. Do not let your past dictate your present. Find the courage to give all of yourself, just like you did the very first time.

12. You are worthy.

13. Do not think being in a relationship is a cure to your loneliness. There are people in relationships that still feel lonely.

14. Find love in the world. It is everywhere, and is not exclusive to a romantic partner. Can’t find it? Spread love to feel it.

15. If you are always comparing your life to someone else’s, you will always find yourself disappointed about your own.

16. Do not let someone tell you they have no time for you. There are people who have a family with kids and a successful career that can manage a full on affair.

17. Remember those things you used to worry about? Do they still bother you now? Believe your worries today won’t seem so trivial in the future.

18. Do not let society choose how you live your life. As long as you are choosing happiness every day, you are doing life right.

19. Self-trust is necessary before you can put your faith in new people.

20. Their lack of love or inability to reciprocate does not make you unlovable.

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